help me

without a voice  we have no choice.

without  a voice we get  talk over and ignored

my last device took 6 months minimum to get

but  by the time i got it  i could barely use it

due to  RSD!
i have no alternative  voice  device  when  mine needs fixing

i dont  think its fair
it takes lots of red tape to get a aac device

even now  there is  to much red  tape

it shouldnt be  this hard to   sort  this out

i  just want to enjoy  my  life i dont want to loose whats left of me
but  i cant  offored  £14 k  for a new device

or the  £600  ( ish )  pound  private assessment fee.
i cant  wait  five years   i  cant  type  now

touch screens  dont like my fingers

i cant always move  my body
i talk with my eyes  and  if you dont no me

well  you dont no i’m talking to you.

please dont ignore me !
i help  every charity going  now its my turn  

all i ask is one thing
please help me !


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were moving

please update and bookmark

thank you x

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my word press log in is down

ok just went on the computer and cant log in

which i was expecting as it seem to have thrown a wobbly when creating my new site

but my partner tried log in his sight and he cant either

anyone else have trouble. the login button doesnt seem work . and was wondering is anyone else having a problem

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Magazine review. ( Knit and Stitch) learn to crochet

knit & stitch is great!

well i looked into this magazing and ask questions

1 it not a test subscription
2 i actually got a nice email saying they assured me that what happened to cute crochet would not happen to… 64 MORE WORDS

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Charity projects 2013

so far the charity project were doing is going great. were currently making





for the local branch of the chynobi childrens project. there are around 12 children coming to stay sometime between end of may to beginning of september

the things were making the children can take home and either keep or give to family. were very happy to be part of this project.

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trying a web new address.

well  i want to move the   blog address to  

the craft room   

but its not that  easy by the look of  it


so  till i can figer out how then  its   staying put

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Just testing

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