confusing or what!

when i first began to crochet i didnt know there were different terms stitches and all that stuff. my mum was a knitter so i new wool types of sorts.


dk = double knitting


4 ply





i know dk is 8 ply and worsted wait but there are so many yarns and cottons its confusing

and then theirs bamboo ,wood, rose wood acrilic , mettle , plastic hooks

a,erican hooks are numbered different from uk but there are 2 types of uk hooks

mm and pre millimeter

its hard for a beginner to get there head around all this

and now there are terms for chineese hooks too


its enought to drive u crazy! yet i didnt give up and you shouldnt either



About Sian Jackson

we been crocheting for 35 years if not more . we also do other yarn or wool crafting . I find crafting with wool relaxing, We also crochet, loom items for charity im also leaning to knit
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