boye pack of four round / long looms ( not boye version of knify knitter looms)

this set is by boye

the important different

some boye round looms have a peg difference and some dont

so some patterns may need adjusting

patterns on there site and in booklet

these have the shafts in the pegs just like the knifty knitter

important note
these pegs are removable quite easy ! so if u dont want your pegs falling out glue them in
or something cus they fall out very easy

1x green this is for baby hats
1x blue
1x orange
1x pink

unlike the knifty knitter there are few main differences

the pegs are more centred
there is V shape in top of each peg
different amount of pegs on each loom


About Sian Jackson

we been crocheting for 35 years if not more . we also do other yarn or wool crafting . I find crafting with wool relaxing, We also crochet, loom items for charity im also leaning to knit
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