will the real kniffty knitter stand up

boye made two different sets of looms , both are still listed on the simplicty.com website .

when Boye first made there looms they called them kniffty knitter but this was confusing as there is also the provo crafts kniffty knitter looms

so boye relaunch according to the internet

there just referred to as knitting looms although you can buy both boye looms. confusing or what

ive seen pictures

so dont get confused

currently as far as i know boye looms have removable pegs and v shape cut into the round peg head different booklet and peg amount

boy kniffty knitter from picture look like provo crafts kniffty knitter and have same booklet

if any one has a boye knifty knitter set who would like to donate to love2loom please email us at
thank you.


About Sian Jackson

I love colouring since before the adult colouring got popular . i find it very relaxing and calming. it also helps me with my disabilities as i need to try keep as much movement going as i can. it help me cope with my disability getting worse. and the anger i felt with losing it
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