adventures in aac land part 2 (my dynavox compass app review)

see ( apple appstore dynavox compass app in app store ))

brilliant! fantastic!

i love this app there so much choice.

you can have

nav bar young child, child, young adult, adult
master page ” ”
word power
text only

suits all disabilities, i tried all the page sets
and i found for me i prefer word power

nav bar is as pictured (20.3.2014) with a menu bar down side with a picture ( you can put ur own pictures in place of this) the yellow boxes are hotspots/ short cuts

and words across the bottom

if you use dynavox before then they say master page set is the same you again press the picture of eg meals and then ur taken to that area . which has tabs of different things connected to the meals folder.

there are quick fires ( messages for situations) , core ( words with graphic)keyboard and white boad ( you can use this as paper) too

wordpower comes in
20 scan and touch ,46, 60, 100 picture & phrases 100 and 150

20 scan & touch has 20 icons and is the one with the biggest icons, and easiest to start with.

46 has slightly more small buttons with icon and words on nearly all buttons ( this is the last one that currently has a keyguard. if u use the app on a t10)

60 is smaller still because of 60 icons per page is add to the words from the 20 and 46 pages i mentioned earlier but there practically still in the same place

the 100 picture and phrases i just the same as before but has the phases and some words on the main page

100 with key board has a full keyboard on the main page this page sette has almost no picture icons just words

finally there the 150 page sette
for me using it on my ipad mini the icons are to small

wp 60 is the one i prefer to use, i customised mine a bit , messages i say a lot, Emergancy instructions , peoples names etc

i did this by using the built in page editor,
i also created a few of my own pages with almost no help.

with the ipad version ( not avaliblie ipad 1)
you pay a monthly or yearly subscription.

also with the ipad version you need your ipad signed into your mydynavox account.

its so u can keep ur files there insted of have all your backups on your ipad etc

there on line

i love it, i hope one day to get a dynavox t10
this is the system ive been hoping for.

it wont of course work on
ipod touch
and ipad 1

but its the best communication aac app ive see
other then proloque2go

main difference between p2g a compass for me
was i could make tenplates, on compass

and you cant yet on p2g.

also for me i need a special mouse called a zono gyroscopic mouse by qhau.

this dose not work with my ipad mini.

dynavox compass is a great introduction to aac communicaction for not just non verbal, but for anyone who needs help getting there words over to family and friends

before i had my aac device i had no confidence because of speach problem
i now can say what i want and this is the best app for me.

thank you dynavox for helping me come out of my shell


About Sian Jackson

we been crocheting for 35 years if not more . we also do other yarn or wool crafting . I find crafting with wool relaxing, We also crochet, loom items for charity im also leaning to knit
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