Adventures in aac land part 1

ok here what ive learnt

about 2008
saw me and my speeach thrapist or slt spending just over a year having speech therapy every wednesday afternoon , trying out new excise methods, going for tests , learning how to cope, relaxation , and anything else
and seeing sales reps for devices to help with my
speech needs

well after 6 months of excises i decided enough was enough it was getting harder to talk not easier. so i mentioned it to my slt

in the january or just before we decided to see 4 sales reps
both slt and tecniton tried to attend

the following
toby churchil ltd ( lightwriter)
dynavox (mini/might mo, v max v mestro , t10 etc)

well back then prc devices were either big and a fancy case, or a palm stylus hand held like a orginzer . i tried both came to try the palm thing
and said how do i tell u i dropped the stylus , if u need to use the stylus
to operate it.

feel real bad as both sales reps look embarrassed, but it just slipped out
so sorry
but it was a good point


i met up with mick from toby churchil i’d tried sl35 with him four years or so earlier . so new i wanted to see him , and introduce geoff to him, as well as staffordshire speech and language department .

there was a new light writer due out soon (eventually september)
which unlike the sl35 had txt (sms) note pad callendar and phone book
but the version i decided on had a phone as well it was called sl40 connect.

mick also tried me on the scanning version of the sl35. but the screen was making me feel sick . so i had the sl40 connect in white. as the black version made it hard to see the keyboard.

while we waited i loaned an sl35 from leek and loan from toby churchil ltd as well . when my device came it was the same week as the toby churchil device gave up working of mains

so email mick who was staffordshire area rep and he came down
to set my device up and try see if he could do anything as all my messagers were in the sl35 and i dint no how to put them in my device.

mick tweeked and saved and demo any stuff i needed in he added

total lockup

ive had small lock ups where i cant move at all but this was something i wouldn’t no at the time was going get more often. must have been 2 years after my device came , it was october or november .

i couldn’t move and couldn’t talk what was worse i couldnt type
i have a headache , i need painkillers and a drink, i terrified.

so geoff head to guess what i wanted and made a sound if he was right

took 4 hours to ask for painkillers.

i so hated that moment

i email mick the next day and ask if he new of anything we could use or did he have anything as i was shit scared

mick and vernon and the other reps are good like that

we made an appointment to see if there were any products they did to help

so we thought about lending the scanner again as long as it had a different screen

any way long story short geoff and i decide to get proloque2go and a fifth hand iphone

at least it was aback up for my now content in need of repair device

i use proloque2go to communicate with when using my lightwriter sl40 is getting to much.
by this i mean i am now struggling with everything to do with my light writer word are some times to hard there in my head but i cant get them

typed out

enter p2g , thats what i call proloque2go. i fist had it when my light write went wrong and that was about 3 years ago

i was using p2g on my 3rd or 5th hand iphone 3gs

it isn’t just symbol communication , you can use the keyboard as well

i have now got p2g on my ipad which is failing due to over use.

the one problem i have is i cant seem to get my fingers to register on my phone or ipad and if i have problems with p2g im now getting to frustrated with the problem to explain it.

technical support is amazing i find it hard to explain what im struggling with and there all very understanding . mostly i have email or address emails to pam , she is so cool when im trying to explan stuff to her.
i wish she could support in person as , and perticuly this last problem was one they had to guess as i couldnt give a screenshot.

it was hard going and scarey as i struggled to word this problem but together the glitch was seen by pam as well . yay !

im so proud of them as its getting a nightmare trying to work out what im trying say

carol is another member i spoke too and joe

im just glad as i get to a point i cant and wont explain its , i basically shut down.

as we didnt do the dynavox trial , i decided it was time to. my lockups now happen offern , and im getting movement problems, since a fall. I also wanted to do more
so we tried me on a dynavox meastro that went ok but 3 things made it fail in the end

it wasnt programmed how i could manage it
it was to heavy to go from my mount kit on my chair to mount kit for over my bed.

and there was no buzzer

so after receiving it i was force into a choice keep my light writer
and struggle with clicking each letter then do key then starting and clicking till the next letter and do

after trying write a note which took over 3000 clicks

i had enough.

but need the buzzer so meastro went back

and back i went to clicking and scanning, although ive had tones of trouble with new software for the scanner. after my device came back from and upgrade it stayed with me 3 days

yep and this was the 30th repair


the light writer sl40 connect gets upgraded to a scanner

i have been using a light writer sl40 connect since 2009
it basically a talking keyboard. with a calendra , a phone , a note pad , a contact book.
and predictive txt
i can send sms too ( well sort of)
thats it.

basically u type as u would on a word processor , one letter at a time.
there is a set of pre programmed sentences,
it has two displays one for the reader and one for the sender

you can type on conversion 2 while conversation 1 is in use

but thats it

i thought amy was having me on, nope they want it back to bug fix
ok back it went
for a keyboard patch

it came back thought it was ok , it had the odd flash of a key but after xmas 2014 it had more than that

radom behaviour
picking one key in scan mode but not a switch pluged in shouldnt do that
rebooting suddenly
skip scaning
rebooting to factory settings
blue scan was to bright

so i emailed the new rep
so now its back at over

33 repairs and i havent been able use it for more than a few minutes since august 2013.

to be fair amy did say the software wasnt meant for the sl40 series , and i think i got her device anyway or at least the internal bits.

weather she was suppose to tell me is another matter
she told me if keyboad goes odd just reboot

so its not the company’s fault
but really 33 repairs on a device which has just turned 4 years of age

its had

3 new mother boards
1 speaker
2 new screens
new letters
new transformer
new sim covers

the list goes on

so now were hoping for a new device, but its getting the charity to agree thats the problem.

for some reason they think that cus i had freedom of choice and sent meastro back . which they then gave someone else, and then paid for my device to be software updated to a scanner which sucked from day one

which then made my device unrealiable to the point i spend a little time as possible using it.

BUT still use it

they wont replace with a new device of my choice

i cant relie on it , its so quirky

its stupid because its costing the charity more in repairs then it would to use that money to by the dynavox t10

so why are they still repair it each repair is over £100
33 repairs

just doest make sense to repair something this much

end of part one


About Sian Jackson

we been crocheting for 35 years if not more . we also do other yarn or wool crafting . I find crafting with wool relaxing, We also crochet, loom items for charity im also leaning to knit
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