off topic aac devices apps, and software – light writer sl40 connect

the light writer sl40 connect

i have been using a light writer sl40 connect since 2010.
it basically a talking keyboard. with a calendra , a phone , a note pad , a contact book.
and predictive txt
i can send sms too ( well sort of)
thats it.

basically u type as u would on a word processor , one letter at a time.
there is a set of pre programmed sentences,
it has two displays one for the reader and one for the sender

you can type on conversion 2 while conversation 1 is in use

but thats it

mine was up graded to the scanner sl40 on first of august 2013. after a failed switch to the dynavox maestro!



i love wool crafts loom knitting and crochet and other stuff
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