help me

without a voice  we have no choice.

without  a voice we get  talk over and ignored

my last device took 6 months minimum to get

but  by the time i got it  i could barely use it

due to  RSD!
i have no alternative  voice  device  when  mine needs fixing

i dont  think its fair
it takes lots of red tape to get a aac device

even now  there is  to much red  tape

it shouldnt be  this hard to   sort  this out

i  just want to enjoy  my  life i dont want to loose whats left of me
but  i cant  offored  £14 k  for a new device

or the  £600  ( ish )  pound  private assessment fee.
i cant  wait  five years   i  cant  type  now

touch screens  dont like my fingers

i cant always move  my body
i talk with my eyes  and  if you dont no me

well  you dont no i’m talking to you.

please dont ignore me !
i help  every charity going  now its my turn  

all i ask is one thing
please help me !


About Sian Jackson

I love colouring since before the adult colouring got popular . i find it very relaxing and calming. it also helps me with my disabilities as i need to try keep as much movement going as i can. I now colour paint and draw on my ipad , or computer it help me cope with my disability getting worse. and the anger i felt with losing it
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