Goodknit app review (iPad / iphone)

oh my god this is the app ive been waiting for! Im so in love with the good knit app from GoodKnit Kisses 😀

here the list of

cast on / row calculator
Loom knit and craft club (access the fb group here)
club documents ( access the fb group documents here)
video tutorials ( youtube videos)
video play lists (you tube playlist)
blog (goodknit kisses blog from web site)

this app is brill! it has it all

Cast on / row calculator

if you want to know how many rows you do when using a wool/ yarn and your substuting or inventing your own pattern then
the cast on / row calculator is where to go its so easy to use with instructions on how to use it and an example.

Loom Knit and craft club

this is your link to the face book loom knit and craft club page. you can sign in through the app (need be a member first) and go straight to the club page no more having to sign in with face book app . but you can still check your other groups and posts as there is both the good knit app bar (pink) and a face book bar (blue)

.i find it easier to use the app for checking on post but am still experimenting with looking at the pattern section and looking at pictures.

club documents

here you can look at the club doc , i have to be honest i havent yet found a way to save the doc ( pattern) to my ipad so i do use my face book app for this. Although saying that i do check the document through first. i have suggested that there needs be an option to download the document via the goodknit app

video tutorials

this is the best for me i have found you go straight to the video tutorial you want on youtube and there are no you tube ads . i watch the same tutorial via youtube app and there a 5 sec count down of an ad before you get to the tutorial.

video playlist

some of Kristen’s fav video’s this is what i would call the miscellaneous section, there a bit of everything here


this is the goodknit kisses blog which is part of the goodknit kisses website , it a good read. I manage to get to the patterns and feature patterns on this site


there the contact and privacy stuff.

its like kristen was inside my head when this app was being made . there are a few things i’d add but i wouldn’t want to loose anything.

this app has been tested on iso 6

ive got it running on my iphone 3gs and my ipad mini which both have ios 6 😀

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