style me up (loom knitting)

here my review of the style me up knitting sets

ive been looking at this for a while and i think its a nice way to teach how to do loom knitting
or learn it your self
and make a gift for someone
this is so much fun

there are other knitting looms on amazon
look for the kniffty knitter looms with the grooves down the pegs

you may feel the need to supper glue some loom pegs in on different make looms

there are lots of books too

have fun . knitting is fun with the loom needles could be a problem if u cant co ordinate

in this set is a good loom pick too

useful internet sites for loom knitting

and if you have an iPad down load the Goodknit app . its brilliant think u need iso 6 which is the iPad operating system

please not

should add though if you have looms already and its not a gift then it is expensive. you can get a set of looms for less

but if u Havant you want to by all means go for it

the links above should give you more ideas as well as those in the dance or scarf set


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